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Wedding Hair and Makeup: 5 Tips on How to Prepare

Guest Blog by Face Art Beauty

5 tips on how to prepare for your Hawaii Wedding Hair and Makeup

Tip #1: Do Your Homework:

Send photos of what style of hair and makeup you are inspired by and send it to your stylist BEFORE your wedding day. Pinterest is one of our favorite apps to use!

Tip #2: 100% Dry Hair:

Be sure your hair is 100% dry before your stylist arrives. Having damp hair can push back your timeline, and creates a domino effect throughout your wedding. We recommend washing your hair the night before.

Tip #3: Double check your timeline:

Check your timeline to ensure that you have room to get dressed and take bridal portraits after your hair & makeup is complete. This will help prevent your hair & makeup services from being cut short.

Tip #4: Keep Your Bridal Room Tidy:

Usually 1 hour before your hair and makeup is complete, you’ll find that many other vendors like: Wedding Planner, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer, and Florist will start to smoothly flow in without stumbling on to clutter.

Tip #5: Have Your Bridal Items in One Area:

These are items that your photographer and videographer will need to take “detail” photos.

  • Wedding Dress

  • Wedding Shoes

  • Wedding invitations

  • Engagement/wedding ring

  • Flowers

  • Any other items you would like them to capture.

Having these items in one area will prevent interruptions from your hair and makeup services 🙂

Face Art Beauty

We hope you find these tips helpful and most importantly just have FUN!


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