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There is something extremely heartfelt and moving about seeing two people genuinely in love and choosing the other. Pouring their heart into their vows, putting on that carefully chosen dress, reading a note their soon-to-be wrote sharing their excitement for the choice they made to join their life with other's.  And seeing the joy that choices like that create is just downright beautiful. It touches and speaks to the soul.


What we do is more than create videos. Rather, videography is a tool that we use to remind people of the beauty that exists in this world. 

Agalia Films was founded as a means to pursue a passion. But it also became a platform to use our God-given gifts and talents to serve and elevate people and businesses within our beloved community and around the world. The passion that fuels Agalia Films is beyond videography, but what it allows us to create and do for others. 


Not only do we aim to serve engaged couples and use video as a means to highlight and showcase the beauty of love and commitment, but we also work towards promoting and uplifting local businesses. Each quarter Agalia Films highlights a different business through video as a means to promote those around us. We believe in generosity and believe that if we lift each other up, we will all prosper. 

We hope to have the honor and privilege of serving you.

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Cinematography and Great Customer Service are our Passion

We limit the amount of clients we serve each month in order to deliver on our passion and promise of great service. You won't see a lot of advertising and even postings on social media because we choose to focus on the clients we have at hand. Most of our clients come through referrals which gives us an opportunity to focus on our passions of serving well and showcasing beautiful stories through video.

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