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6 Ways to Honor Mom on Your Wedding Day

Caretaker. Nurturer. Best friend. Role model. Hero. These are some of the many terms to describe Mom. She’s been there through many moments of your life, from bandaging knee scrapes to being that person whom you can always run to in times of need.

Honoring her in a special way on your wedding day is a heartwarming way to express how much she means to you. Below are some of the various ways you can honor your mother on your special day, which can be captured forever through video.

1. Getting the bride ready

Getting ready on your big day is a significant moment leading up to a new chapter that you are about to begin with your soon-to-be spouse! Having mom there with you in the room to help you fasten your beautiful dress and/or to help you put on your jewelry are special moments that you two can share, in preparations for new beginnings.

2. Mother of the bride and groom gifts

Consider a mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift that can be opened before the wedding festivities. It could be something sentimental, such as a photo in an elegant frame, or perhaps a piece of jewelry that she can wear on your special day. This will be a keepsake that she can keep forever, which will always have sentimental ties to this huge milestone in your life.

3. Walking down aisle

In traditional settings, the father of the bride would walk her down the aisle to then hand her off to

the groom, as a visible gesture of giving his blessing of the marriage. More recently, brides have chosen to have their mother also be there to walk alongside her towards her new life chapter, in transition from daughter to wife. What an amazing way to include Mom in such a significant life moment!

4. Bouquet/Lei for Mom

Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, some brides opt to give their bouquet to their mom as a special way to honor them during their reception. You can even give a speech during your reception to let your guests and mother know that you want to honor her by gifting her this special arrangement, in place of doing the traditional bouquet toss.

5. Special reserved seat for Mom

Special seat reserved for Mom
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When Mom can’t physically be there, another special way to honor her is to reserve a seat for her at your wedding. You can do this by placing a photo of her, a lei/flowers, or something that is symbolic of her on a chair, seated front row at your ceremony and even reception. This reserved seat makes for a touching and moving way to honor, remember, and include her in this special moment.

6. Thank yous

Usually towards the end of night, the bride and groom give a thank you speech to thank their guests for coming to celebrate and to certain individuals who have been there for the bride and groom and/or have helped in some way to put the wedding together. A special thank you shout out to your mom, for being there and for raising you into the person you are presently, is something that she surely won’t forget!

The bond between a child and mother is one that is irreplaceable and unmatchable. Your big moment is her big moment—the day her child becomes one with another, under God, through marriage! Including her in a special way on this day is a precious act that will express your appreciation and love towards her that will be felt by so many.

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