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Choosing intimate doesn't mean your love can't be shared.

Agalia Film founders, Mike and Amber were married at a little beach house off the shore in Waialua, surrounded by 35 family and family-friend members. Many friends pitched in and everyone was a part of their wedding in some way (officiant/surf buddy, videographers/co-workers, cake maker/college gal-pal, floral arrangers/sisters and floral decor pickers and providers/college besties).

What was most important, was that we wanted our wedding to be about us and about our LOVE. Nothing else was to be the focus of that day. And we made sure that happened by choosing a small, intimate wedding. That was important to us then and it still is now. 

It’s our passion to film intimate weddings. We believe in genuine love. It’s what lights our fire and keeps us excited about wedding videography. Not to say that one can’t have all that with a big wedding, but we believe that nothing is as important as the love that’s being celebrated that day. It’s that love, true, genuine and lasting, joyful and fun, that we aim to capture in each of our videos.

We hope you would consider us to be a part of that select few that would have the great privilege to bear witness to your commitment of love for each other and allow us to help you share this beautiful event with others. Just because you choose intimate, doesn't mean it can't be shared. 

P.S. Our elopement packages are all named "love". Can you guess in what language? 




4 hours of filming

1 videographer

Up to 2 locations

Mini highlight film




3 hours of filming 

1 videographer 

Single location

Mini highlight film




2 hours of filming 

1 videographer

Single location

Mini highlight film 

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