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Key Items to Plan Out With Your Photographer and Videographer Ahead of Your Big Day

Capturing your wedding through photography and videography makes for a priceless keepsake. Being able to watch (and hear!) specific moments from your wedding day captured in video years down the line is one of the best ways to relive it! Remembering the laughter while getting ready with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the emotions you felt when you first saw your soon to be spouse, to your vows being said aloud, and the happy tears of those on your bridal party (or YOUR OWN!), the reactions of your parents, grandparents, and other loved ones, to the many speeches, cheers, dancing, moments of joy and everything in between. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer is essential in ensuring your precious moments are captured forever.

Here are some key things to plan out with your photographer and videographer ahead of your big day:


Each photographer and videographer has their own techniques and styles, so it is very important that you take a look through their portfolio to ensure their work fits your preferences. It's also ideal for your photographer and videographer to understand your wants, your style, and your personality to be able to fit into those parameters. Your photos and video should represent YOUR love. During our initial meetings we like to ask our brides and grooms to describe themselves as a couple in 3 words. Couples have shared that they are sentimental, goofy, adventurous, quiet and although our overall style is sentimental, we make sure to capture shots that express their unique personalities as well.


Preferably the photographer and videographer team you hire has already connected and worked together at previous events. A media team that works well together is important to ensure time is used efficiently. It really helps the overall atmosphere of your day and ensures that we capture everything we need. Standard packages for media are usually around 8 hours, which means your media team will be with you for most of the day and at very close proximity. They will be there for the intimate moments, while you're getting ready, with your first look, and reading of pre-wedding letters. There’s a good chance they will be with you even more than your wedding party! So having a team that is able to communicate well with each other and have fun together will really help your day (and emotions) go smoothly. Teamwork is not only important between your photographer and videographer, but between your entire wedding team. See some recommendations below for vendors we really enjoy working with!


Ensure your photographer and videographer know and understand your wedding day timeline so that they are well prepared to capture all the special details and moments of your day. Don’t have a wedding planner? (see this blog on how wedding planners can actually save you money) Definitely run your timeline by your media team as they can ensure there is enough time for events, such as family photos. Many people will underestimate the time needed for family photos and it can be a huge timeline disrupter. They can also ensure there is enough time between events to set up/break down any equipment, get relevant parties mic’d up, etc. (get a free media timeline here) Experienced photographers and videographers are used to going with the flow and knowing where they need to be when to “get the shot” (you can’t plan everything!) But a thorough and accurate timeline definitely helps them to be able to focus more on the things that matter, such as the best angles, sound, and even lighting to make sure the shots and audio are usable, instead of making sure things like the mics are attached and tripods set up. It’s always a good idea to schedule a meeting with your media team the week of your wedding to discuss your timeline and any last minute changes and/or wants.

A personalized “shot list”

Are there any specific details, “surprises,” dedications, special moments, etc. that you want emphasized/captured? A professional photographer and videographer will always make sure they capture those special moments of your day (getting ready, first looks, ceremony, vows, speeches, tossing of bouquet/garter, etc) but what about the secret groomsmen handshake, or a certain piece of jewelry the bride is wearing that belonged to her late grandmother? Things that are meaningful to you are also meaningful to your media team who wants to ensure your special day is captured according to your unique personality!

Korie and Austin shared not only their love for one another but a love for soccer. During our initial meeting they expressed how special it was to both of them, so we worked with their planner to ensure there was time to capture these shots and included them in their wedding highlight.

Your wedding day comes with so many irreplaceable memories. Planning out these key things with your photographer and videographer ahead of your special day will help capture these memories forever in the most meaningful way to you and your loved ones.


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